Translate anything, anywhere, anytime!

Collins Lexibase Standard Dictionary

Collins Lexibase dictionaries let you quickly get the translation you need.

Use it as a stand-alone tool to look up one word at a time, or use it with any LEC desktop products.


Multiple Options

  • Cut and paste the word to be translated
  • Hot-key word selection for instant look-up
  • See a list of the nearest entries and close matches by inputting the first few letters of a word, then choose the one to translate.

Color-Coded Display

  • For easy reading, translations are in one color, examples are in another, and related information is in a third color

Zoom Capability

  • This option lets you see any text in larger type


LEC products integrate Collins dictionaries automatically, adding a menu to any LEC product. You get one-click word searches from any LEC product directly from the Collins dictionary.