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Creating the Global Organization

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LEC makes it easy, efficient, and affordable to offer everyone in your organization translation services. License our desktop software for use across your entire organization or integrate translation directly into your own applications. Get support from our development staff, who work with you to create customized solutions for your specific needs.

Enterprise Products

You can:

Eliminate language barriers

  • Communicate with international customers, manufacturers, and financial institutions
  • Attract a broader audience to your products and services
  • Increase your customer base and market share
  • Integrate translation into all your in-house applications and documents, including content management systems, email, chat, blogs, instant messaging (IM), ERP, e-Commerce, and e-Learning

Create a truly global Internet presence

  • Make your website available in any world language
  • Unify your international websites by maintaining just one site that translates into multiple languages
  • Translate press releases, technical documents, and white papers

Supply in-house translation efficiently and economically

  • Translate large volumes of documents for gisting and keyword searching
  • Reduce the amount of expensive human translation your company requires
  • Make your professional translators more effective and productive

Operate more efficiently

  • Read and write business documents in multiple languages
  • Access international research
  • Implement supply-chain management in multiple languages
  • Travel in other countries with translation ability always at your fingertips

Meet industry-specific requirements

  • Access specialized dictionaries that cover a wide range of industries and specializations
  • Create new dictionaries with your own specialized terminology

Communicate better with employees

  • Broaden your outsourcing choices
  • Stay in touch with language-specific bulletins, newsletters, etc.
  • Allow employees to compose written communications in their language

Enhance Security

  • Keep sensitive documents in-house

Translate Client-Server

Supply Your Entire Organization

Make it easy and affordable for everyone in your organization to communicate around the globe. Translate Client-Server gives you the ease of our desktop products with the efficiency of central administration.

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