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Translate Your World

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Put the world at your fingertips in your personal and professional life, right from your PC. LEC’s personal solutions let you reach out in multiple languages as easily as you can type, paste, drag, or open a file.

You can:

Communicate with family and friends

  • Translate letters, email, chat, blogs, and instant messages (IM).
  • Choose from our easy-to-use line of translation software and services for your PC or for any browser.

Become a citizen of the world

  • Expand your horizons through international websites and blogs
  • Make purchases on international websites
  • Travel abroad with ease and confidence

Enhance classroom or personal learning by improving key language skills:

  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Research
  • Study for ESL (English as a Second Language)

Personal Translation Products


Translate Personal

Translate as You Type

Translate Personal gives you quick, easy translation of documents, websites, blogs, emails, chat, and instant messages (IM).

Get these “Translate” Family Features:

  • The world’s most accurate translation engines
  • Premium service
  • LEC Floating toolbar lets you translate as you work
  • One-click website translation
  • One-click Instant Message (IM) translation
  • Automatic language identification
  • Trial subscription to our online translation services

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Power Translator Personal

Power Translator Personal is our most economical desktop software. It meets the needs of individuals to communicate with family and friends. Great for students.

  • Standard service
  • Translate letters, emails, chat, blogs and instant messages
  • Translate from any program effortlessly
  • Accurate, fast, flexible
  • Includes trial subscription to Translate DotNet

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Collins Lexibase Pro Dictionary

alt text

Collins Lexibase dictionaries let you quickly find the translation you need. Use the dictionary as a stand–alone tool to look up one word at a time, or use it with your favorite LEC desktop products.

  • Multiple ways to look up a word, color-coded display and zoom capability.
  • High-quality pronunciation for English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German
  • The Collins English Dictionary, 5th Edition
  • The Collins A-Z Thesaurus, 1st Edition
  • Advanced search function
  • Hyperlinks: double-clicking on a word launches a search of that word

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Multilanguage Translation

Multilingual Products

21 Languages

alt text

Translate twenty-one languages. LEC’s multilingual products make it easy, fast, and economical. No need to go through repeated installations of single-language products. Simply click to change your source and target languages quickly and easily.

Available in many different language combinations - one is sure to fit your needs.

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Translation Subscriptions

Translate DotNet

Download and Start Translating

alt text

As low as $5 a month!

Download this suite of Windows programs onto any computer you use to translate documents, emails, web pages, blogs, and instant messages (IM) in 21 languages.

Translate DotNet uses LEC's award-winning graphical user interfaces.

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Browser Based

alt text

As low as $9.95 a month!

If you can get online, you can translate using LEC’s browser-based, online subscription service. No need to have your laptop with you or tote software from location to location.

Fast, easy, affordable translation of documents, email, web pages, blogs, and instant messages (IM) in 21 languages is as close as the Internet.

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