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Translate DotNet

Translate as You Type

Translate DotNet is LEC's premier subscription translation service, called by TopTenReviews a "great product" that is "exceptional and progressive".

Install the applications for translation on as many computers as you wish. Translations is done on LEC server machines over the internet. Translate DotNet gives you the ability to translate any of 342 language pairs for as little as 5 dollars a month.

To Try LEC Translate DotNet, DOWNLOAD here:

Windows Translate DotNet applications download

Macintosh Translate DotNet applications download

When you have installed the download, run 'LogoTrans DotNet'. Your seven day trial will be automatically activated. To purchase a subscription, choose 'Subscribe' from the 'Tools' menu, and follow directions from there.

Using Translate DotNet

Translate DotNet has seven user interfaces. Translate DotNet, ClipTrans DotNet, Explorer Addin, FileTrans DotNet, LogoTrans DotNet, MirrorTrans DotNet, and TransIt DotNet. Each application serves particular translation needs.

Translate is a control center for launching and configuring specialized applications for translation of text, files, email, chat, instant messages, or web pages.

ClipTrans translates any text which is selected and copied. Paired with a new function which automatically identifies the source language, users with multilingual packages can easily and quickly translate email, text, instant messages and web pages.

FileTrans translates files or folders, including HTML. Drag a file or directory icon into the FileTrans window and the translation is automatic. You can even select which file types are to be translated, copied, or ignored.

Internet Explorer Addin translates web pages within Internet Explorer with a single mouse click.

LogoTrans translates text immediately. Use it for translation of text, files or dropped text. You don't even have to click a button.

TransIt translates as you type. When you work with instant messages, chats, emails, and forms, simply type in your language and have it entered in another language.

MirrorTrans translates any window on your desktop by creating a correspondence between MirrorTrans and another window. MirrorTrans automatically translates the window, and retranslates it every time the window changes.