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Update Patch for Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7

If you have trouble running LEC software on Windows Vista or with Internet Explorer 7, you can fix the problem by downloading and running an application patcher.

If you have very old versions of LEC software (such as Topics Deluxe 1.0 or Power Translator 8.0), then you must first update to a newer version of our translation software (contact your vendor or send mail to

For newer software, download the patch program here. Unzip it and run "LEC Application Patcher.exe." You should quit all other applications before running the application patcher.

Note: Users of Translate 8 or newer and users of Power Translator 12 or newer have no need for, and should not use, the application patcher. Unless you encounter a problem that is Vista specific, then users of Power Translator 11 should not use the application patcher either.