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Details: Electronic software distribution lets you download your copy of an LEC product across the internet. This allows you to get the software in the fastest possible time, and eliminates any shipping and handling charges -- which can be particularly important for customers outside of the United States.
Language Engineering installers are large, about 500 megabytes, so it is very helpful to have a fast, stable internet connection. Downloading the software with a dial-up connection is possible, but will take 4 or more hours. And dial-up connections tend to drop some data, resulting in corrupted files. So if you have a dial-up conection you may want to consider purcashing a CD version of the software instead.
When you download an LEC installer, it comes in compressed file (a "zip" file). This speeds up the download process, and also protects you from virus software. All recent Microsoft operating systems have built-in support for zip files. If you have an old computer, you can download free utility programs for zip files, such as Winzip.
You must copy the downloaded installer to the machine you wish to install on. You cannot burn the installer onto a CD. There is no need to, as you can always download a new copy of the installer if you need to. Once you have copied the installer out of the zip file, you run the program "InstallTranslate". It is important that when you run "InstallTranslate" that your computer is connected to the internet, and that firewalls you have installed do not stop the installer from contacting the LEC website.
The installer will ask you for an access code, which is a twelve character code that will be given you (it will be both displayed on the screen at the end of the purchase process and sent to you in an email). Type in the code you are give exactly as it is written (it is case sensitive). The installer will then verify your access code on the LEC website, and then installation will begin.

Note: all sales are final
Downloadable items need to be purchased one at a time.

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