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Dr. Eric Vogt gives Power Translation 11 5 STARS

October, 2007

Review of Power Translator 11 Spanish Professional

"Power Translator 11 Pro Spanish is an elegant program because its designers envisioned the sorts of documents and environments that people need to translate. It is a charm to work with."

Electronic Downloads Now Available

Most LEC products are now available by electronic download. Just choose "Electronic Download" as your shipping option when purchasing your product.

Translate 2007 Released

LEC has released Translate 2007, with powerful new features and improvements that make automatic translation more accurate than ever before. Translate 2007 is compatible with Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.

New Features and Improvements

  • New standard for speed and accuracy
  • Automatic identification of source language
  • Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook (Business and Professional versions) and Firefox provide translation of emails and web pages with a single click
  • Untranslated word list (Professional version)
  • Includes subscriptions to Translate DotNet and TranslateToGo

Win Magazine (Italy) Review of Power Translator 10

Win Magazine rates Power Translator 10 at nine on a scale of one to ten. Click here to view.

Do You Speak PC? Incontri ravvicinati con la tecnologia per generare traduzioni automatche.

LEC receives Best Buy award in competitive review of translation software by Italian PC Magazine, April 2005. Click here to view.

Power Translator 10

LEC - Avanquest announcement of Power Translator 10. Click here to view.

“Chatting in Iraq”

Office of Naval Research, February 2004 article. The Coaltion Chat Line now being used at several U.S. and allied sites around enables commanders and operators who speak different languages to communicate rapidly and reliably -- Read More.

Translate -- It Does What it Promises

Localisation Ireland review of LEC Translate. Read More (PDF).

Navy - Marine Corps News

LEC in the Military.
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Mark Bunting, Sky In-flight Television Product Review and Demonstration

Mark Bunting, Sky In-flight Television Product Review and Demonstration
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Poliglotti con il Web

LEC's Translate DotNet receives award from the Italian PC Magazine in April, 2003 review article of internet translation services. Click here to view.

Power Translator Language Suite 9 Rates High on Reviews

PC Plus: Click here to view. Personal Computer and Internet: Click here to view.

Power Translator 9: Jetzt noch besser und bedienerfreundlicher dank neuer Ãœbersetzungs-Engines

LEC - Avanquest announcement of German Power Translator 9. Click here to view.

Power Translator Pro 8: Una potente suite di traduzione

Italian Power Translator 9 review article in Italian PC Magazine, December 2004. Click here to view.

LEC Tops in Translation Quality

Read Dr. Michael S. Blekhman's paper Comparitive Analysis of the Translation Quality Produced by three MT Systems