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About LEC Products

Thank you so much! It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and your company. I am very much impressed with the professionalism and efficiency with which everything has been handle. Situations like these make one feel more comfortable and relieved to be able to do business on line again.

This CD is one of the best buys I have ever made for my research. It means I can now chat, translate or write to German, Italian, French, Portuguese or Spanish forums & people instantly on the internet. It is unbelievable how fast it works. You write in English and it instantly translates to whatever language you want. Fantastic.

Dear Sirs: I recently purchased your LEC CD (European languages) through AOL Shop On Line as a special offer. For the past couple of days I have sent emails in the various languages to friends...just for fun. I have been amazed at their response. They all want to know where to purchase the CD so that they may write to friends and relatives abroad. I have passed along your website information.

I have loaded "Translate" and want to let you know how fabulous it is. We can for the first time write to our friends in Europe without finding a translator to check all of our mistakes....Thank you for this program.

I recently obtained the software LEC Translate. So far, I find it is the best computer translator software that I have used.

I am very impressed. I'm busy reviewing all MTs and yours seems to be the best....Great!

For several years, I have struggled to learn Spanish. Then one day an ad for your program came up on my computer. It changed my life.

I purchased through AOL, installed it and was thrilled. I translate from English in to German for an online group in Germany and it saves my time and sanity ;-) I only need to do touchups.

About LEC Support

Thank you so much for sending me the directions. They were clear and I was able to write my family in Canada. I had wanted such a program for sometime, thank you so much again. Thanks once again, I appreciate it! I also appreciate that you're a lot more responsive than most online tech support groups I've had the displeasure of working with - hope your boss gives you a raise soon!

Thanks so much for the excellent customer support!

Your help was terrific. I have already sent two letters to friends in Germany and told them that with the help of your translation software I would be able to email their parents (they do not speak or write English) and they can now email me in their own language and I would be able to understand them.

Thanks for your prompt reply. So many companies never seem to read their Emails which can be extremely frustrating when you need some advice!

Thanks for the information. I followed the process you outlined and it seems to have solved the font problem. Again thanks for the rapid technical support and a great product.

Thanks for taking the time to help me. You made things very easy. This will really help in our correspondence throughout Mexico. It is so refreshing to be able to talk with someone and actually get something fixed.

Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I do appreciate the step by step instructions you sent as that is just what I needed. I THINK YOUR SERVICE IS WONDERFUL